Round Endless Braided Drive Belt

Our round, endless, Braided Drive Belts have the ability to be used across both vertical and horizontal planes.

We custom manufacture these endless braided drive belts using a continuous loop over-braiding process to your specific requirements.

We can create an extremely flexible belt for anti-vibration tasks at higher speeds. With minimal vibrations, the belts do not heat up as much in use (and therefore have a longer service life) as more rigid industry alternatives.

Because of their elasticity they also give a more gradual pull on start-up than less flexible alternatives.

Our round endless braided drive belts are manufactured with multi-stand elastic cores, over-braided with polyester and dipped in latex to achieve the black or red colouring. Applying Wax or no coating is also available if required.

If these options interest you, then please get in touch with us by calling 01274 207 567 or send us an email to



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